I’ll admit it: I’m torn as to whether or not to make this blog a real deal. First i need to determine where to put it: just using a free wordpress account doesn’t feel especially grown up.  There is a forums for tea lovers (steepster.com) or two, but there’s no reason to think i could find free webspace for a blog like this (and from past experience i’m not sure i have the energy to be wrestling python anymore). Additionally, there’s an entire blogosphere out there and hundreds if not thousands of other blogs on this subject from people with more professional experience than me (though i do have some small amount).  Realistically though, it comes down to whether or not I feel like I’m ready to “take this show on the road” and if there’s someone or people who might benefit from it.

So i’m going to post a poll.  If i get more than two votes to continue writing, I will.  However, I really have no idea how often would be appropriate for such a feature. Daily? Weekly? Bi-leap yearly? I’m good at doggerel, and less so at being concise and to the point, so be careful what you vote for.

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