Elderflower ~ TeaGschwendner

Image Copyright (c) 2014 Teahaus.com. All rights reserved.

Happy Independence Day to all you Americans readers out there. I’m so sorry I didn’t have a post for Canada Day. :/

Initially I had wanted to post my trip to Goldfish Tea today, but that excursion was frustratingly delayed thanks to a misbehaving car battery. *chases the trolls around with a lasso made of jumper cables* And naturally they’re closed for the holiday so I guess that will have to be a weekend post. However I WILL be going this time, even if i need to push back my first visit to the Detroit Zoo for another year or two.

For quite a number of years White was my favorite style of tea. Why? It’s lovely and subtle and never too hot. Also, it mixes well with other Whites and Greens. Case in point: Elderflower. Like most extract-based teas, it’s born from Elderflower blossoms that float to the surface of a sweet and tangy Indian White tea. But what is that actually like?? Okay, so Elderflower (if it’s fresh, which this sadly isn’t) has a delightfully sharp dill-like tang in taste and scent. It mixes well with Pai Mutan to dull the tang and draw out more of the woodiness of the Whites. Yet there’s another exciting mixture I happened across for Elderflower: Cucumber. Sadly it’s been several years since TeaGschwendner offered a Cucumber, so I’ve been supplementing my recipe with Spice Merchants‘ Cucumber White. Anyway, combining these two Whites results in a wonderful combination of the two slightly different tanginesses which I’ve dubbed “Spunky Picnic.”

The thing about picnics, they’re simply never as nice as you envision them to be (unless there’s snuggling). But tea will enhance any occasion if matched well and I like to think a lukewarm Spunky Picnic would add that extra little touch of feminine cuteness to your outing. You may rely on it, cousin.


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