Indian Sarsaparilla ~ Frontier

I’ve previously written about the wonderful bulk foods company, Frontier Co-op, but now it seems that they’ve further refined their concept and instead of the traditional glass jars, they’re using large plastic serving containers (that one might keep cereal in) for shelving their products. They actually have a lot more listed on their website than I’ve ever encountered at the few stores that carry it combined.  I grabbed three teas this way (which came to probably less than a $1 USD, but buying more takes time to pack and i had a time constraint): Raspberry Green (which i believe has a sea buckthorn base), Kukicha (which I’ve had from them previously and totally love) and the one I’m brewing today.

Indian Sarsaparilla (which you strangely can’t buy through the web yet) is both a chai and an addition to my root beer style tea collection (though I never really set out to build one). In scent, it’s half sarsaparilla (that is to say, root beer) and half licorice.  In terms of taste though, there’s practically none.  I just grabbed a pinch of spent tea and chewed on it and there was very little flavor to speak of (though now i have a headache…). It’s easily one of the lightest chai’s i’ve ever made. I probably brewed it wrong somehow.  Usually the ideal way to make chai is to brew two teaspoons for 5 minutes, but it’s possible i used too much water. What i ended up with is a soothing (if vertiginous) chai that would probably be really good if you brewed it with one or two mini-marshmallows.  Which is fine; i could use some soothing today. ;)

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