Organic Mint Sencha ~ Eden

I’m thinking this the first time I’ve tried tea from the Eden Foods company, but their kukicha packaging on their website looks familiar, so I may be wrong.  I am sure however, I’ve tried some of their other products as their one of the bigger suppliers to health food stores. One of the things left in my grandmother’s house after my parents cleaned the kitchen was this tea. It wasn’t mine, but they either thought that it was mine or else thought I’d enjoy it.  I had zero time left this morning to dig out any other tea, so i thought i’d give it a whirl.

Organic Mint Sencha both smells and tastes of a cool mint that’s been honeyed. I really can’t pick out the sencha content, but sencha can be easily blown out if combined with more dominant flavors. In this case, the honey does nothing to help the problem since it causes the texture to become much thicker and sweeter, whereas without it we’d at least be able to taste the thinness or astringency of the sencha. In a way it’s like they didn’t want their tea to taste anything like a real Japanese tea because that would offend American’s delicate ethnocentric sensibilities.  Additionally, the dullness of the tea comes as little surprise since it’s organically produced. If given the choice, I’d rather poison myself with teas treated to herbicides and pesticides, but such things are terrible for the environment and in fact have annihilated the world bee population such that it may never recover, I’m trying to convince myself to let go of really finely grown tea that doesn’t cost a fortune.

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