Plantation Peach

This week I stumbled across a new vendor that I’m excited to be sampling today. For possibly the first time ever, today’s tea is entirely grown, produced and marketed from within the United States. Charleston Tea Plantation, which is new to me but in truth is easily the oldest tea producer in the Western Hemisphere (see this incredibly detailed history dating back to to the 18th Century which I don’t feel particularly moved to reproduce here). However, despite it’s incredible history, Charleston Tea Plantation is now a subsidiary of of Bigelow… ^^;;

Plantation Peach (which I chose from among five of their varieties based solely on its hysterically awesome name) is a Black with an effusion of peach notes. Since this Black isn’t grown in Asia, it’s almost silly to compare it to traditional tea styles; Among other Blacks I think the closest comparison that comes to mind is a Keemun. It’s dirty and unrefined with a decent amount of grit and caffeine. Definitely a fun tea to try if you’re a fan of traditional Black tea. Also of note, Charleston Tea prides itself on their “unique” pyramidal satchel design. Uh-huh. Okay then. >.>



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