Green Jasmine ~ Whittard

On Monday I attended a house warming party/mahjong meetup for a friend in my nerdy anime clic thing. Her roommate offered to brew us some tea and among the fun assortment I found in their cupboard, was vendor I hadn’t come across yet.

Whittard is a Great British tea with a bit of history. Founded in 1886, Whittard catered to Londoners of the Victorian and Edwardian periods. Today Whittard is headquartered in Chelsea and has 55 stores throughout the UK.  I… doubt I’ll ever have the opportunity to visit one of their shops. Maybe one of you can share your experiences with Whittard? I’d love to enjoy it vicariously.

Green Jasmine is a delightfully mellow Green from Fujian infused with lush Jasmine blossoms. The texture and flavor were a great deal duller than what I’ve come to expect out of a Jasmine tea in the West (which is pretty terrific). Additionally, the caffeine content isn’t overpowering–I could probably drink multiple cups, and actually I wish I had since I didn’t have the opportunity to really enjoy Green Jasmine’s aroma during the party (sorry no overall rating for this reason).  My hostess used Whittard’s Silver-plated Spring Action Infuser to steep my tea, which is definitely another first for me since I generally never use tea balls. I definitely would love to try some other Whittard teas at some point; the experience was quintessentially British.


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