Strawberry Bamboo ~ TeaGschwendner

I just realized I haven’t reviewed a TeaHaus tea in awhile. For the third and last test to see if my tetsubin still has what it takes, I decided to brew a tisane. When I went digging through my Herbal and Fruit drawer this one jumped out at me for some reason. My sincere hope is that given the primary value added from brewing with a tetsubin is a consistent water temperature throughout brewing, the cast iron brew will yield a better tisane than a simple ceramic mug with filter bag brew.

What i dislike the most about Herbal infusions is that they tend to be more than just Fruit or Herb. In this case Strawberry Bamboo is made up of: apple pieces, rosehip peel, orange peel, hibiscus blossoms, beetroot bits, natural flavor and strawberry pieces.  Err… So, absolutely no bamboo, it’s just a clever name, and strawberry pieces is actually the last ingredient after natural flavor, despite calling itself a fruit tea. *sigh*

As a Fruit, I’ve learned not to expect much in terms of taste, so maybe that’s why TG (no, not Throbbing Gristle, sorry)  has added some non-fruit ingredients. In terms of aroma, one gets the sense of an exciting fruitiness. Sadly i don’t taste much in the way of Strawberry (and definitely not bamboo). It’s more a fruit medley with hibiscus and strawberry as an afterthought. Surprisingly Strawberry Bamboo does have a bit of grit to it, but this may have more to do with the fact that I didn’t filter it super well on the tetsubin brew. I rated Strawberry Bambrew up in that it’s currently available cheaply from both Teahaus and internationally from TeaGschwendner.

In the end, I would say the brews were very similar, but it’s possible more flavor and texture was extruded through the tetsubin brew. What does this mean? Basically that tossing out my tetsubin would be premature (though I did throw away the rust bucket filter basket ^^;;).

  1. Aroma – 91
  2. Taste – 80
  3. Texture – 84
  4. Spunk – 75
  5. Price – 90
  6. Availability – 95
  7. Appearance – 88

Mean Score – 86%

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