Kyoto Sencha Rose Festival ~ Eli

Green tea is easily the most versatile tea. Many companies make combinations with Black thinking that contrasting the bitter flavor of the Black against an Herb or Fruit will yield a lovely juxtaposition.  I wouldn’t say they’re wrong.  However, in my experience, Green doesn’t just juxtapose flavors: it assimilates them.

Such is definitely the case with Eli’s Kyoto Sencha Rose Festival (if it had been my invention, I probably would have called it Kyoto Bara Matsuri Sencha). The luscious flavor of a hand-raised English red rose is given new life when encapsulated in this vibrant sencha. The scent of the raw tea is one of the most enticing I’ve ever encountered.  I was very pleased to find the… hagaromo of delicate rose translated well through brewing. The texture of the sencha is thickly effuscent of chlorophyll. You can almost taste the veins of the leaf (rare for a Japanese Green since they usually de-vein their leaf before processing to create a more homogenous taste). It’s kind of magical.

Best of all: This tea is available to those who can’t make it out to Birmingham. Today’s tea is currently available for online purchase!

  1. Aroma – 100
  2. Taste – 93
  3. Texture – 96
  4. Spunk – 88
  5. Price – 95
  6. Availability – 90
  7. Appearance – 91

Mean score – 93%! Eli, I humbly bow to your genius.


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