Itoen Bagged Maccha/Sencha Blend

Although no one spells it this way, maccha is really the correct transliteration using today’s standard Hepburn romanisation method. It’s a bit like no one who doesn’t study Japanese in some form correctly pronounces “sake” or “karaoke”, so not a big deal.

Although I’m much more familiar with Itoen’s bottled teas, today I’m sampling one of their bagged teas. The importer (not sure who) wholesaled this item and Sam’s Club is the retailer. The tea comes in an enormous box that no single person could possible drink in a year.  Interestingly, this is not a product that can be purchased from their regular online store site.

This specific maccha/sencha blend has very little astringency, which is uncommon for sencha, but not surprising for maccha.  It also has no scent to speak of.  The texture is homogeneously smooth and gritless. The flavor is all maccha, with the sencha notes being mostly washed out (which is fascinating as it’s probably mostly sencha). Of note, the caffeine content is much lower than I would have imagined for such a blend. All in all a highly fascinating tea!


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