Worst Case Scenario

If you know me personally, you know how quickly i jump to conclusions and spin worst case scenarios.  My best guess is this is a defense mechanism designed to keep me for getting my hopes dashed.  At any rate, I need to apologize and bow and scrape for what I wrote earlier today in my Harney Affair after action report.

I was contacted by the Harney & Sons rep and offered an opportunity to make his acquaintance.  I feel ill.  That’s what we call getting our just desserts.  Best guess: I use too many tags in my posts? The blogosphere is not the one I left behind all those years ago.  It’s a vastly connected metropolis.  While it is true I know a very great deal about tea, i’m obviously suffering from a lack of knowledge about blogging.  As it happens there’s someone close to me who is more than a little experienced, and I’ll be calling on them very shortly to determine which etiquette manual I threw out the window. ^^;;


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