Excursion: TranquiliTea’s Harney & Sons Tea Affair 2014

…was a no show. Although TranquiliTea did have a couple of exclusive Harney & Sons teas, including the 30th Anniversary silver needle/Golden Yunnan blend, there was no company rep in attendance.  The shop owner indicated that she’d toured their facilities and could easily answer any questions about the company, and that the rep had come out in the past and it wasn’t really necessary for them to do so for every event (though it was certainly a let down for me, having gotten my hopes up at doing some industry networking).

Otherwise the Affair was a nice one and well attended with some interesting new teas available, so definitely time well spent.  I found a wonderful piece for my upcoming tea house (photo forthcoming) and a few nice tea discoveries, so all-in-all it was worth the 30 mile? round trip.  I haven’t had the opportunity to try all of the teas I brought home, so there’s still the possibility at discovering something really phenomenal from the take.  Additionally, two of the teas I wanted to try required me to buy a box of satchels rather than loose leaf, so I brought them to work and left them next to our office teapot for others to enjoy.



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