Minuman Teh Hijau Jepang

Occasionally I’ve run across iced teas produced by the Pokka company.  I didn’t realize this before, but Pokka is a Singaporean company, which means today’s post is my first review of a Singapore tea. I’m pretty geeked. ;)

If you aren’t paying a great deal of attention, it’d be difficult to distinguish Pokka’s Minuman Teh Hijau Jepang from any other canned Japanese green tea. The can is green and has a large “お茶” on one side and the words “Japanese Green Tea” “no sugar” on the other. But the fine print is actually written in Tamil and what’s romanized is virtually unreadable.

Minuman Teh Hijau Jepang is crisp and delicious, not to mention loaded with caffeine and antioxidants. Though produced in Singapore, its taste lives up to its name. A full green leaf brewed as a ryokucha. The differences between an Itoen Green and a Pokka Green are very subtle. Minuman Teh Hijau Jepang’s scent is a slight bit leafier whereas Itoen is a bit woodier. I want to think that Pokka’s actually has the tiniest bit more caffeine too, but that could be my imagination. I think I’d be hard pressed to correctly identify which was which from taste along though. Pokka’s definitely captured the essence and experience of an iced Japanese Green. Highly recommended.

I’d really like to get my hands on their Chrysanthemum White. :)


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