If anyone is reading this blog for strictly reviews on hot tea, I promise there will be a lot of hot tea drinking this winter (including some really awesome things I’ve recently discovered), but I’m saving the best for when I can relax in my new digs with a real kitchen and devote my attention to brewing.  For the moment, my battle against the fiendish stress that’s been threatening to absorb my concentration takes center stage.

I’ve had a few mojitos before, but I’m not sure if it’s exactly my go-to cocktail. I do, however, enjoy them. They’re full of vegetal goodness and spunk.  I’m always on the lookout for new mojitos. Today I’m drinking Argo Tea (yes, they’re back again; I can’t get enough of their amazing tea. I promise this is the last time)’s Mojitea. It’s really quite exceptional. The base is actually a mint tea (rather than having mint be an additive as one might expect in from a mojito), to which they’ve added potassium rich lime juice concentrate and Fair Trade Cert. pure cane sugar. Mojitea makes for a lovely herbal iced tea as well as a serious thirst quencher. One sip is somehow kind of enough for a few minutes or more. Although I can definitely tell it has sugar, the sweetness in the concoction is balanced well against the mint and lime. Best of all, unlike most bottled iced teas, this one’s caffeine free. If i were to give in to advertising I could also say Mojitea is “all natural, 70 smart calories, with real ingredients and “purpose””. Yeah, I’m not much apt to, but packaging can make it fun. ;) Very highly recommended.

I have no idea why exactly, but Argo doesn’t like using actual photographs of their product on their website, so I’m not linking to one. Instead I’ll shameless borrow something from Google Image Search that’s much more attractive.



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