Formosa Dark Pearl, Lemon Basil and Asatsuyu

Yes, it’s the holiday season, but I’m amusingly strapped for cash. I haven’t done much in the way tea shopping in a while, so I’m crossing my fingers for the Day-After-Christmas sales I know at least TeaVana has up their sleeve. Not sure if there’ll be actual tea sales or just accessories at this point though.

At any rate, what I do have fresh and new to me is TeaHaus (or more appropriately, TeaGschwendner). If possible I’d like to avoid multiple reviews from the same vendor in a row, so I’ve scrunched these three together for you. Please excuse the brevity and lack of coherent full-sentences to these reviews. I’m recovering from an all-night Mahjong and Holiday Party With Too Much Alcohol. ^^;;

Lemon Basil

Scent: Reminds me of Limon San Pelligrino with a hint of honeyed woody oolong

Texture: regular oolong consistency

Taste: A very interesting half-oxidized tea with basil, marigold and lemon granules.  It doesn’t quite remind me of the hoped-for Jolly Pumpkin Basil Lime Aid cocktail taste (but then of course it’s not lime). I think having an oolong base does enhance the taste the tiniest bit, but the oolong texture definitely brings out the woodiness of the lemon.  I don’t think i’d recommend this tea for basil lovers.  Instead, try the previously reviewed Republic of Tea’s Strawberry Basil Iced Tea. I brewed it this weekend for my family’s holiday party and it was a delight!


Scent: A hint of cherry with an affusion of leafy greens

Texture: Thin but definite grittiness

Taste: Less sweet than i’m used to, but the rough greeny edges have definitely been smoothed out and a hint of cherry added–very drinkable. Also, high in antioxidants with moderate caffeine

Recommended but not my cup of tea

As you can imagine, the actual tea doesn’t have quite this many or quite this full a peony blossom.



Formosa Dark Pearl

One of the most interesting looking raw teas I’ve ever seen! Handpicked and handrolled into pearls.

Scent: musty/dirty/freshly over-turned rock aroma

Texture: Thinner than a lot of oolongs, but with a noticeable amount of weight once it’s cooled

Taste: Harsh, almost pu-erh like taste, terrific, but i don’t recommend it for beginners–it’s more unrefined than a lot of oolongs.  In the end, I’m not sure if I’d categorize it as an “Oolong Classic” as TeaHaus has done. Though that’s usually done just to distinguish it from Oolongs sold for strictly for their aroma.

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