Six Summits Oolong ~ TeaVana

Strangely I’m not as huge a fan of Guangzhou Milk Oolongs. Sometimes they are a fun diversion, but I usually find the creamy texture off-putting in tea (unless we’re talking about Thai Tea of course).  Better known as Jin Xuan (金萱), milk oolongs are a newfangled concoction from the 1980s (in the history of tea, it was born yesterday) and I’ve just never taken to them.  Most are produced in Taiwan (which is ironic since a lot are called “Guangzhou” or “Canton”), but that has nothing to do with my dislike. With Six Summits, Teavana created a milk oolong that was both creamy and sweet, so i had no choice but to see if this solved the problem for me.

As with most Teavana teas, Six Summits is a combination of many ingredients creating fruit flavors and sweet notes out of an otherwise “boring” tea. I’ll grant, sometimes this works in the case of herbals, but usually if i just grab something off their wall, suggested or not, it’s not really my “cup of tea”. With Six Summits, not just the taste, but the aroma itself is sticky sweet and reminiscent of golden grahams, as if it was 2/3rd soda. It has an oolong texture, but a milky odd aftertaste that doesn’t feel all that natural. It’s definitely drinkable, and i have no doubt if sold as a Bubble Tea or a British FrosTea it would be just perfect. As a hot tea, it feels like a novelty more so than an enjoyable tea.

Come to find out, it’s base is their Monkey-Picked Oolong, which is not a milk oolong… So Teavana is either trying to replicate the experience of a milk oolong without processing it the same way, or else just trying for something altogether new.  I don’t know exactly what to think except… やっぱり、Teavana is dumb and for the birds.

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