Diamond Jubilee ~ Harney & Sons

Diamond Jubilee – sold in Harney & Sons’ “Historic Royal Palaces” collection, Diamond Jubilee is a tea I bought to share at the office (it usually comes in a large tin stuffed with satchels) during the Harney Tea Affair, and people seem to like it.  It’s a very lovely Earl Grey and like the 30th Anniversary tea, it’s also mixed with silver needle and bergamot.  Well.  That’s not exactly telling.  It’s more like pure bergamot mixed with Earl Grey. If you are allergic to bergamot (I know someone like this), please avoid!  Diamond Jubilee is a wonderful afternoon tea, with a lovely aroma and less caffeine than I would have thought. I wonder though, if i maybe should have just gotten the more exclusive 30th Anniversary tea instead and saved myself some money.


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