Organic Persian Peach White ~ Great Lakes Tea & Spice Co.

It occurs to me belatedly that I have yet to review anything from my favorite tea vendor, Great Lakes Tea & Spice.  I say it’s my favorite, but really choosing a favorite is pretty difficult. Similarly, I doubt very much I could name a single favorite tea among the 500 or so I’ve tried so far. But I will say this: Great Lakes Tea & Spice continues to impress me with their top notch tea quality, original flavors, value (not price mind you–this one currently retails for $16 and some go as high as $22), packaging and consistency (every thing I’ve ever brewed from them I’ve liked at least a little) and actual matchup between what you smell and what you get.  Just like with beer or any distributed beverage, the smaller the batch, the easier it is to control the taste and fortunately Great Lakes has maintained their batch size. Although it’s now closed for business, their kiosk in the Henry Ford Hospital was wonderful and well-staffed.  I have actually not been to their original Glen Arbor location, but if I’m bored enough at some point I might make the trip.

Organic Persian Peach White – a wet, nori like bouquet belies its greeny peach notes. With a high antioxidant content, and a pale white grape color and nearly imperceptible grit (not to mention an astonishing USDA organic stamp), it’s easily one of the best white teas I’ve ever sampled.


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