Finest Nepal Hand Rolled Jun Chiyabari ~ TeaGschwendner

I thought it might be nice to have a sample from TeaHaus‘s Oolong Classic collection. Thanks to By The Pound, this isn’t my first Jun Chiyabari, but it’s the first one selected by the highly demanding TeaGschwendner vendor. It’s a little golder in color and lighter than other Oolongs. It likely replaces the very neat black/green hybrid Nepal Himalaya View.


Despite the way it looks, Jun Chiyabari has very little aroma. The taste however is quite pleasing: a Ceylon-like texture is subtly mixed with a weak earthy Oolong. Although the first time I brewed this tea I scored it lower expecting there to be an Oolong scent that wasn’t present because of it’s much finer quality.  I’m not sure if it’s the hand-rolled character or the exclusivity that causes it be higher priced, but it’s not terribly out of reach for me. I’d say if you enjoy Ceylon or Assam you’ll probably enjoy Jun Chiyabari.



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