Pomegranate Mojito ~ Maya

Some local coffee shops in my area have really done an incredible job of locating little-known quality teas, of which I am immensely grateful. Although they have since changed their vendor, at one time Mighty Good Coffee Roasting Co. was buying their teas from Maya Tea which hails from Tucson, Arizona. The four or five teas I was able to get my hands on before they switched have all been quite nice.  Unfortunately, I have no idea how much longer they’re going to stay nice as tea, like any food, even sealed in the best container (in this case air tight dark plastic) will only live so long. I wanted to make sure i blogged on one of Maya’s teas before i have to toss them out (probably during the next overdue cabinet cleaning).

Today I’m drinking Maya’s Pomegranate Mojito, which is a blend of lime, mint and pomegranate. The tea has a lovely spicy aroma and a dark yellow color. The taste is quite astringent, and the lime produces a lovely aftertaste (which is probably why it’s so common in mixed drinks). Unfortunately lime also usually gives me a migraine, but it’s all right this time. The thing i like about Maya is its finely chopped consistency. Most teas you wouldn’t want to grate the tea too finely as this basically turns it into tea bags (thus removing the fuller body and really the purpose of loose leaf tea). Maya has done a nice job of keeping the body of their teas while still grating it fine.

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