Darjeeling ~ Ridgways of London

Amusingly paralleling last week’s post on Hardly Fair Trade, today I’m drinking a Darjeeling from Ridgways of London that bares the obliquitous “fair trade” sticker. One look at their “About Us” page makes me shiver and cry tears of post-colonial self-hatred for drinking it. Sadly however, it’s probably the best Darjeeling tea I’ve ever tasted (note: I don’t go in for orange pekoe but sometimes I’ll drink what’s in front of me). Of a highly refined,  nearly 200 year old (1836) vintage, Ridgways’ Darjeeling is lighter in body and texture than most you’ll come across. It is fragrant, but the scent is best immediately after brewing. Ridgeways’ Darjeeling would make an incredible afternoon tea for any occasion.

Although no one has inquired into my current state of mind today, if asked, I’d probably confess that it feels like my spirit is trapped in a purgatory-shaped void of everlasting twilight. I love you, Thomas Stearns!

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