Quilan Oolong ~ White Lion

One of my accidental tea discoveries that’s been particularly awesome is White Lion. The few things I’ve sampled from White Lion have all been utterly immaculate. I ran across it in Braun Court’s Common Language Book Store (it’s also served in the /aut/ Bar). I really have no idea how they learned about it, but I’m so glad they did. Better known as Sir Aubrey’s White Lion Traditional Tea of Scottsdale, Arizona, is a company very similar in size and design to Great Lakes Tea and Spice.  Although I haven’t visited their store as such and am not likely to, I really love their tea for being highly refined and particular with their flavors.

Quilan or Qilan () is a mild Wuyi oolong produced on Mount Wuyi, Fujian (totes adores!) with a sweet and “nutty” aroma. Wuyi is easily my favorite kind of Oolong, and I’ve recently given away my Rishi Wuyi to a friend who loves tea so I’ll have to replace that someday if I can. Quilan has a flavorful and smooth almost honey-like texture and taste. Quilan is the kind of tea that if it weren’t for the caffeine content, I could drink it all day and never want to change it up. When I first discovered it last year I rated it 9 out 10 stars and I’m sticking with that pronouncement.

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