Yunnan Pure Gold ~ Goldfish

In addition to being one the best smelling tea I’ve ever brewed, unbrewed Goldfish Tea’s Yunnan Pure Gold astounds in the shape of a beautiful rust colored perfectly twisted tea leaf. In terms of taste, it’s surprisingly smokey and well fermented. It’s actually so harshly fermented that if I didn’t smell the tea, I would have sworn it was plain pu-erh. In my brewing notes I had mistakenly written that I thought it was a plain pu-erh that had been mislabeled, but that’s not quite right. Basically it’s a pu-erh that’s made from a Golden Yunnan (which almost feels like a waste, but it did came out well). So, maybe not the absolute best example of Golden Yunnan, but a lovely and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Sadly this particular tea isn’t currently available through their website but they do have a very similar Yunnan Gold, which I have to believe hails from the same farm.

I believe I may have mentioned a while back that I need to take a trip out to Royal Oak and check out the new season at Goldfish.Well, turns out I haven’t really had the money and I probably ought to change the oil in my car before I try to drive that far. It’s also been just the tiniest bit too cold to wonder around Royal Oak so I want to put off that trip a few more weeks. Hopefully before the end of May I’ll make a twitpicnic out of it for you wonderful people.

currently enjoying this tea while listening to : Apocalyptica – Farewell.  I really adore the cello.

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