Marco Polo ~ Balzac

A blend of black tea, fruits and flowers, Marco Polo is a tea I found at Balzac’s Coffee Roasters (there’s a franchise inside the Toronto Reference Library where’s I’m away at conference today).  A wonderful fruit tea aroma pairs well with a complex bourbonic strawberry fruit tea and slight herbal taste. However, i have the tea bag in my hand and it’s really a black tea. Just fascinating.


Balzac identifies their product as a “Mariage frères” And the tea bag’s TAG is actually incredibly awesome microscopic logo so small that i can’t photograph it—I need to scan it. That will have to wait until I return to the United States.


A small tea cost me one $2 coin and one 5 cent coin.  How convenient is that?


When I did a Yelp search for tea last night I found seventeen locations within a four block radius of my hotel.  I love you Toronto!

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