Raspberry Nestea, or how I became allergic to caffeine

This beverage story actually begins in my early teens. Living in a rural community, I was easily bored and would often treat myself to Cherry Coke from the neighborhood convenience store as an excuse to listen to my favorite storyteller who was a clerk at the store (the mother of my nanny, she introduced me to McCaffrey’s Dragonrider’s of Pern, but I digress). I’m not sure why Cherry Coke since I like Pepsi more than Coke, but probably because Wild Cherry Pepsi wasn’t thing at that point. Anyway, I drank way too much Cherry Coke until I believe I actually became addicted at one point during my 13th? year (I could ask my mother but i doubt she’ll remember). That was kind of freakish for me since I was a good, studious (not exactly “quiet”) kid who didn’t have bad habits *rolls eyes* >.> Anyway, I was disgusted with myself when that happened and stopped drinking caffeine for a while…

…until I was about 20 and became a camper at Denny’s. Although I don’t look it, I’m a huge fan of Denny’s and I actually have a tourist card from the Northern Most Denny’s in the World (Fairbanks) and I would join my friends on the weekends (and sometimes Thursdays) hanging out at Denny’s from 7PM until 4 or 7AM chatting and people watching. During those far too numerous hours the only way I could afford it (or stay awake) was to order something small when I arrived and a raspberry iced tea (they have Nestea which is great though I’m sure it has high fructose corn syrup nowadays) that would always become bottomless thanks to a waiter eager to please. After a few such nights, I felt like I was almost on the verge of redeveloping my caffeine habit and thankfully when I eventually transferred schools and moved to Kalamazoo I fell out of the Denny’s-going crowd and it was easier to steer clear of caffeine.

…Except I would soon be going on study abroad to Japan and drinking tea at pretty much every meal. By this point I was aware it could become a problem but I also wanted to throw myself head first into the culture and have every meal 和食. Thankfully, as Fate would have it, I was so intensely stressed out and worried about being alone in a foreign country that I became a hypochondriac as well as developed migraines and naturally my trigger was caffeine.  Rather than build up an immunity to caffeine in Japan, I actually developed an intolerance, which totally sucks because I’m in love with tea now. *shrugs*

Today I happened to notice the Pita Pit carries Cherry Coke, Raspberry Nestea as well as the wonderful unsweetened Gold Peak iced tea machine. This might become my new go-to fast food… until I remember I probably shouldn’t indulge in those things anymore.

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