Aged Earl Grey ~ Numi

One of the highest quality bagged teas I’ve encountered (that’s affordable! and available in most specialty grocers!) is Numi. Numi has an entire line of Pu-erh teas to die for, and everything I’ve tried I’ve liked. I haven’t bought every tea in their line of course, but I can easily recommend the rest as being worth the money.

Today I’m drinking Numi’s Aged Earl Grey. I have something of a love-hate relationship with Earl Grey. When I was a child obsessed with Star Trek, I’d watch Captain Picard drink his earl grey in every other episode and I wanted to know what was so great about it. Turns out, I didn’t have a real taste for it, but it is pretty good. I like that Earl Grey doesn’t have the bergamont of darjeeling and its texture is distinct from other black teas… but it can be somewhat boring (which is probably what lead to the invention of Cream Earl Grey).  Numi’s Aged Earl Grey might just be that tiny bit more interesting I’ve been looking for. With a welcoming peaty aroma and a smooth, barky quality flavor, Aged Earl Grey is one of the better Earl Grey teas I’ve had and the easiest to recommend.

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