Hibiscus Tea Soda ~ Songbird Cafe

Inspired by Yoshinaga Fumi’s Antique Bakery I was thinking how neat it would be if there was a cafe that experimented with tea and blew people away with their concoctions. Then i remembered we do have a cafe like that! The Songbird Cafe on Plymouth rd (in the former Flim Flam’s location) often creates fun iced drinks out of tea. Last year they had an iced Lychee tea (little or no sweetener, not a Bubble Tea!) that i bought like five times. I much prefer to support local businesses and i’ve met the owner a couples times. Songbird uses adorable antique jars to serve their beverages in and there’s always more than one gluten-free item to be had. It’s been my go to destination on North Campus ever since.

This summer they’re offering a lovely Hibiscus Tea Soda. It’s made very similar to an Italian Soda except that instead of syrup, Songbird uses a fabulous hibiscus lavender herbal tea mix. The mixture results in a lovely rose color and a bubbly, non-sweet thirst quencher!


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