Cascara ~ Comet Coffee

Today I’m drinking a tea from my favorite coffee shop (but they still make fabulous tea), Comet Coffee.  Comet was coincidentally the only coffee shop open when I came into work super early today.  Comet specializes in fine coffees and teas and nothing I’ve tried from their tea menu has disappointed.

The Cascara is a Costa Rican black tea with a zing. It’s infused with dried coffee cherries, which gives it the flavor of a full fruit tea but the texture of a spicy black or rooibos. Also, the aroma is really exciting: it reminds me of a fun international coffee. Very highly recommended! (though it probably won’t be on the menu forever)


  1. Hello,

    I just found your nice post here, and wanted to clarify that cascara is just the dried cherries of the coffee plant. It contains no tea. The tradition of steeping the “husks” of the coffee beans started in Yemen in coffee’s infancy. In recent years Central American producers have offered this by-product of traditional dry-processing as a novelty. Glad you enjoyed it.


  2. Eeek! I’m being called out on not knowing something. This is so fabulous, you don’t even know. I think it’s seriously a first and I am all kinds of geeked out. I get to make a correction post now. xD


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