Black & Green ~ Tetley

Tetley‘s Black and Green is definitely not a tea I would have necessarily bought for myself, but it’s unique enough to demand a blog post. Tetley is a subsidiary of the Tata Tea group, which operates all over the world. Americans may be familiar with its products from international grocers (I believe that’s the only place I’ve seen it?).  Michigan has never been one of their markets, so it was a neat coincidence that a coworker decided to bring in this tea for our communal tea exchange.

The aroma is almost exclusively of a orange pekoe with maybe a hint of green if you really search for it.  The taste is similarly black with little to no obvious texture, with the green notes all but knocked out. Maybe best guess is, I’ve “burned” it after a fashion. Some black and green combinations usually suggest that you steep them at 194 F. If you treat them like a black tea and steep them at boiling, it’s basically the same as steeping a green tea at boiling–the flavor and texture aren’t allowed to brew to their peak and the results will be bland. I don’t really have a good way to brew at 194 F at work though, so I’ll have to take a bag home and experiment.

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