Three Numi Teas

Today I’m attending the Kids Read Comics unconference, part of the Ann Arbor Book Fest. Someone was nice enough to open a Numi tea sampler for attendees so between panels I’ve been brewing up a storm of tea I might not have ordinarily bought for myself. It helps that the Gallery has it’s own zoujirushi-style perfect water kettle.

Numi Gunpowder Green – Not at all what i was expecting. “Gunpowder greens” i’ve tried before have tended to be higher in anti-oxidants. Not only does Numi’s have far less anti-oxidants, but it also has a definite roasted taste, almost a hojicha, and a definite Chinese green chun mee-like bouquet. Gunpowder Green is the only tea I’ve ever had grown in the Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture (located in the mountainous southwestern corner of Hubei province). Yes. You needed to know that.

Numi Jasmine Green – The packaging claims “green tea scented with real jasmine blossoms” and i completely believe it. The aroma is a definite jasmine, without being as overpowring as many lesser jasmines. The flavor is a lovely crisp green and you can actually taste the jasmine (which is pretty rare in my experience). The texture a is wonderfully “Chinese restaurant jasmine”.

Numi Breakfest Blend – I generally don’t go in for strong black teas, but everything i’ve tried from Numi so far i’ve liked, so why not? It smells and tastes like a well brewed Assam with a tiny barky aftertaste. I admit to not knowing such a great deal about Assams, other than they’re usually Indian (Assam is located in Northeast India) and often more complex than Darjeeling. In this case, I’ve definitely had better Assams, but Numi’s Breakfest Blend is a wonderful second tier.


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