China Yunnan Golden Downy Pekoe ~ TeaGschwendner

The only tea I’ve ever had that I know for sure has tobacco among its ingredients, China Yunnan Golden Downy Pekoe is a very fine quality Golden Yunnan.  Hand (or foot) rolled like an oolong, the tiny tightly wound curls slowly unfurl during steeping into beautiful black and gold threads. Although this specific grade of China Yunnan Golden Pekoe is no longer available through TeaGschwendner (if it ever was), TeaHaus is still retailing it. TeaHaus states: “Malty honey and spicy tobacco notes give way to a truffle-like dampness that lingers pleasantly on your palate.”  However, I’m naturally skeptical of flowery sales language that sounds akin to something Kariya Tetsu or Yoshinaga Fumi might have written, so I’ve tried to describe it myself a little more empirically.

In terms of aroma China Yunnan Golden Downy Pekoe smells naturally a great deal like a Golden Yunnan. However, the malt and tobacco content interweave into a slightly more robust nutty aroma. In taste, China Yunnan Golden Downy Pekoe is definitely to be savored. A profusion of hickory-like grit smoothly gives way to a bark-like Chinese black taste, not quite to the intensity of a pu-erh. Although I did notice that when allowed to cool, the texture thins out to something a little more filmy than gritty.  I strongly recommend this tea for any fan of China Yunnan or really any adventurous soul; Top notch!

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