Candy Cane Lane ~ ChocolaTea

Image Copyright © 2015 All rights reserved.

One super fun tea I discovered when I splurged and bought a couple dozen teas from ChocolaTea was Candy Cane Lane.  It’s a children’s fantasy story wrapped in a tea.  Or, hyperboles aside, it’s a lovely chocolate peppermint tea.  With an intensely suffused aroma of something akin to melting gooey Peppermint Patties and Andes chocolates with maybe a hint of marshmallow, Candy Cane Lane is easily one of the five most aromatically enticing teas I’ve ever had.  It is sublime.

Also, unlike a great many novelty dessert teas, Candy Cane Lane actually conveys quite a bit of the intended flavor. You could almost mix it with coffee to make a moccha or milk to make a hot chocolate, though there’s not quite enough of the chocolate essence for body, only the flavor. Naturally it’s a black tea so there is a tiny bergamot orange pekoe texture to it. The full chocolate taste (with no calories to speak of) in addition to the mouth watering aroma make Candy Cane Lane one of my top… 50? teas.

Actually, sometime soon I want to try and make a list of my top 100 rated teas (though not necessarily in order of preference–I’m not sure that’s feasible), but the compilation work might take me a while since I have to cull from several different Google Docs and blogs.

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