Formosa Fancy Ming Xiang ~ TeaGschwendner

Image Copyright © 2014 All rights reserved.

TeaHaus‘ retails two of TeaGschwendner‘s finer quality Taiwan Oolongs: Formosa Fancy Ming Xiang ($9.35/50gs) and Formosa Fancy Superior Taifu ($14.60/50gs). I enjoy both of them, but neither are at the top of my list of favorites. Nevertheless, they’re expensive and probably of a higher caliber than other Oolongs I’ve rated so far, with the exception of Quilan Oolong. I’ve actually come to learn that Oolong tea is one of the three varieties of tea that are not FODMAP-friendly (ie. they have a tendency to cause IBS, bloating, gas, etc.); Fennel and Chamomile are the other two teas that are known to cause IBS. At this point I only have one Fennel tea (one of three ingredients in the great herbal tea: Anise Caraway Fennel), and I’ve always hated chamomile. If anyone out there has a chamomile tea they really love and swear by, let me know and I’ll give it a shot but otherwise I won’t be reviewing any chamomile teas on this blog. Ming Xiang has a huskier green aroma, actually for whatever reason it smells a lot like burnt chicken. Being of finer quality, as well as originating from Taiwan, it’s no surprise that Ming Xiang has a more subtle flavor.  A harsher, dryer leaf than its Chinese cousins, Ming Xiang seems to have a duller woody taste with a richer, more exotic somewhat gritty texture. I think I would rate the Superior Taifu higher, but actually the flavor isn’t all that different from Ming Xiang.

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