Açaí Squeeze ~ Argo

In terms of my own collection, this is the first year I’ve decided to rate iced teas and consider them as a unique category unto themselves. In terms of the market though, thanks to such grocers as Plum Market and Whole Foods we’re seeing major growth of single product bottled teas so it seems relevant… That, and it gives me a convenient excuse to spend money on them and have something better than soda to drink on hot days.

Argo tea is one such company. In contrast to my post on Brisk, Argo is one of the healthiest and best tasting iced teas I’ve tried. In terms of ingredients, White Tea Acai Squeeze (sorry Argo, ironically I don’t have a quick way to make diacritics at work) only has the following: fresh-brewed white tea, acai berry, pure cane sugar and lemon juice. I personally would have skipped the cane sugar, but it balances the tartness of the acai well.  It smells like acai and it tastes like a half-and-half mixture of acai and lemon with a texture of well-brewed iced tea. Thanks to the way it’s brewed, I’m not sure I could easily place it as being a white tea, but they usually work well for subtle fruity flavors. It kind of makes me wonder why Bubble Tea places never use White Tea but i guessing brewing that much iced white tea is no picnic.  Acai Squeeze is also advertised as being low in caffeine (which I can attest to) and containing 11% juice. The bottle says you can enjoy it shaked or not, which is a clever way of saying don’t bother, it won’t have any affect.

I haven’t tried Argo’s other flavors as yet, but in terms of drinkability, Acai Squeeze may end up being crowned my favorite of the summer. It should be noted though that I hate their website. >.>

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