Oishii Ocha ~ Sangaria

Before i get into today’s review i thought i’d share a painfully amusing anecdote of my life experience of the last 12 hours. After driving home last night around midnight, i find we’ve lost power at my older brother’s house I’m housesitting this week. It’s obvious since the way i’ve been coming in is the through the garage except my remote isn’t triggering the door. My only choice is to contact my older after midnight on vacation. Amazingly he’s still awake, but it seems like there’s mo other way into the house beyond the clicker and the key he left me. Then it dawns on me i didn’t know about the key and i’ve left it in the mailbox for five days. So i make it in and crash out. After waking up in desperate need of a shower i don’t have i contact my brother to see what’s up. So now apparently I need to try and move their dog and my clothes and food to my Grandmother’s house until the end of the week when my brother and his wife get back. Yay! Well except, to make matters worse I managed to lock my keys in my car last night… Which since it’s actually not my car, and and there’s no roadside assistance (it’s our deceased grandmother’s car so it’s not in our name yet), I need to wait for my father to come unlock the door from half a state away before I can get any of the move started. *sigh* I wish I could seriously be making any of this up. Oh, did i mention i really don’t have any vacation time left to do this with? Life is just the best dontchaknow.

So today i’m drinking (clutching) Sangaria‘s 2 litre (67.63 fluid ounces) bottle of Oishii Ocha. The ingredients consist of: water, green tea and superior green tea. Huh. Specific much? Well it works, and it never fails to quench my thirst. Sangaria is a subsidiary and imported by Ikko International Trading (Elk Grove Village, Illinois): a product of Japan.

In color Oishi Ocha (if you understand a little Japanese you’ll know this name is just too funny) looks as auburn as a hojicha or oolong. It has a lovely twiggy bouquet, and a smooth ryoukucha texture and flavor (not unlike its competitors). I highly enjoy it and for the low price of $5 and a half tank of gas to drive to Novi and buy it, it is totally full of win.

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