Kouchahime Mild 185 ~ Sangaria

I can’t be 100% sure without going back through all my notes but, my best guess is that Sangaria‘s Kochahime Mild 185 is the worst tea I’ve ever tasted. I’ve had some really undrinkable stuff over the years, but usually it’s stuff I either made for myself that didn’t turn out, i let it get too warm or it was a bad batch.  With milk tea, I think I just utterly loath and cannot tolerate it. I’m not sure if it’s because I grew up lactose intolerant and never enjoyed the taste of milk or cheese whenever i’ve been expose to it… but i’m mostly gotten over that so i’m guessing no. I think it’s just unfit for human consumption.

Sangaria’s Kouchahime Mild 185 is made up of the following ingredients (in this order): Sugar, tea (a blend of “highly aromatic ceylon and assam” if i’m awake enough for translation), condensed milk powder, coconut oil, glycerin fatty acid ester, and ascorbic acid. It tastes like… baby formula? A warm milk taudy that’s cooled over night? Not sure. Basically like really fatty milk with some weird tea-like flavor thrown in as an afterthought.  But seriously, how can there be MORE sugar than tea and NO water?! Does that even count as being tea? I cannot recommend it, even as a practical joke; i wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Although I’m a huge fan of Japanese cuisine and will eat practically anything I can get my paws on up to and including natto, I honestly have no idea how Japanese people drink milk tea. It’s neither milk nor tea but rather some kind of… terrifying chimeric abomination that shouldn’t be allowed to exist. Although… this one does have a cute name and logo.


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