Chocolate Mint ~ Harney & Sons

This post is probably going to be either brief or late in coming or both. I’m a bit more busy this morning than I thought I’d be.

Harney & Sons, although they don’t have a storefront, is probably the most popular large tea vendor for my area. I have something of a love/hate relationship with them: I am a huge fan of promoting tea and retailing good tea cheaply, but just like in brewing beer, they also sacrifice more and more quality the larger the amount they produce.

Today I’m drinking Harney’s Chocolate Mint.  Amusingly, I can’t link to a single page since if one searches for “Chocolate Mint” on Harney’s site, there are eight page hits. xD It’s actually very similar to their SoHo, which is probably my favorite Harney tea, but with some alterations.  SoHo is a Black Herbal blend, whereas the additives to Chocolate Mint are just mint and bergamot (which Harney is apt to do, they even have a line of teas for bergamot lovers). If you enjoy bergamot moreso than Herbal textures/flavors, you’d probably gravitate to Chocolate Mint.  For me, I’ve always seen bergamot as a silly additive that does little except distract from the bitterness of Black tea. *shrugs* It’s totally a matter of personal opinion, but it does feel like Harney relies on bergamot a lot.  I think Chocolate Mint would benefit from switching the black with a Pu-erh but that would require it to cost a lot more. Thus, why Numi makes the best chocolates.

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