Rare Orchid Oolong ~ The Tea Source

Today is turning out to be a very good day. The second i ripped open the brown paper satchel of Steepster’s Tea Source’s “Rare Orchid Oolong” my nose was assaulted with the most enticingly wonderful floral aroma.  I am really hoping the tea lives up to the incredible raw scent.

Steepster, as you may remember is an online vendor that specializes in their tea of the month club thingy. I signed up in the Spring and tried it for a month or so and cancelled. It’s not that their teas aren’t terrific (literally thousands) and their packaging, policies, etc. aren’t to my liking (because they are). Rather, I just can’t afford it and I have the feeling there’s someone out there that offers the same thing that’d be even more to my liking and i just have to search for it.

So yes, this Rare Orchid Oolong is probably a month or two older than they’d like me to be reviewing it (it’s been taken off their site if it was ever available for purchase before, but given how many hundred plus vendors they use it’s not all that surprising)… but hey, i do what i can. I was able to track down it’s provenance though: Apparently Rare Orchid Oolong hails from The Tea Source.

The spent full twisted leaves are also very enticing. The brewed aroma is almost overpowering. I feel like I’m sitting in the middle of the botanical garden’s conservatory; an exotic peony maybe, or a lush lily. Interestingly in as much as the aroma is overpowering, the taste is very subtle.  Rare Orchid is a traditional and light, refined Wuyi, which is hands down my favorite kind of Oolong. Wuyi Oolong are only produced from those teas grown on Wuyi Mountain, Fujian. The taste is a bit woodier than Rishi’s Wuyi and perhaps the tiniest bit Fruit (though I couldn’t begin to guess what). Very Highly Recommended. ;)

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