Egyptian Licorice

Yes, this post is kind of the latest in the day I’ve ever written. *shrugs* I’ve been busy.

Yogi has always surprised me with how wonderful their bagged teas are. Certified Organic is always a plus, and restorative herbal tea is definitely what i need right now. Come to find out, Yogi is also a certified B organization! :)

Egyptian Licorice has one of the most sultry, spicy aromas I’ve ever encountered in a tea. It smells very much like a traditional spiced Indian chai, but since it’s Egyptian it’s even more fun. Egyptian Licorice is made up of the following all organic ingredients: licorice root, cinnamon bark, orange peel, ginger root, cardamom seed (i need to be careful with that one), tangerine flavor, black pepper (*swoon*), clove bud and cinnamon bark oil! Wow! What an amazing medley? The aroma is replete with cardamom and cinnamon, both of which i’m only allowed to have in moderation. Tonight I don’t think i necessarily care over much. Since Licorice is the first ingredient (probably a first for me), it utterly dominates Egyptian Licorice’s flavor. The next most dominate taste is probably orange peel. Being Herbal, Egyptian Licorice has only the thinnest spicy texture. And of course the soothing licorice aftertaste is wonderfully calming.

What a night. According to I’ve exceeded my restaurant budget for the month in one day. For lunch I decided to get Silvio’s Organic Pizza (I cannot recommend it enough. There’s simply no better Italian in Ann Arbor.). Since it takes a while to prepare, I was chatting up the bartender and amazingly/bizarrely she was actually hitting on me. I’d somehow forgotten how meaningless such things are though and convinced myself i needed to come back after work.  Massive fail. Horribly, I got it into my head to drag my estranged ex-boyfriend here to give me an excuse to return to the scene of the crime. Yeah that went over real well. ^^;;

Come to find out, the barista is taken and as soon as she spotted me coming back in she made herself scarce and hasn’t talked to me all night. Clear indicator of “Not Interested” if ever there was one. *sigh* My life just kind of sucks like that. Fortunately i was saved by the understanding of another awesome barista and a couple of random sympathetic women who, are you ready for this, bought me a drink before I’d even met them. Because i looked, and I quote, “forlorn.” *dies* Wow. A new low!


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