British Pudding FrosTea & Red Bean and Sago Taro Balls

Today I’m suffering from some horrible cluster headaches and I don’t really have the mental faculties to compose a real blog, so I’m going to copout and do a simple plug.

Sweet.ology on Ann Arbor’s S. University has become my go-to bubble tea. There may be one or two places in Windsor that are better, but I don’t know if i should consider a foreign country exactly local, even if it is only an hour away at most.

British FrosTea is kind of the best invention ever. A smoothie made from rich milk tea and too much sugar. Today i’m sampling the Pudding flavor and it’s kind of to die for. Rather than Britain, it reminds me of Harajuku: cute delicious fun.

If i had to describe Taro balls, and it isn’t easy, I guess the closest approximation would be rice pudding. Since taro isn’t all that sticky when put in liquid, it clumps together and mixes well with the milk tea base. Included are all sorts of crazy fruits I can’t even begin to guess at. The red beans taste like peanuts but sweeter and the Sago is gooey and sticky, which makes up for the taro. It’s like nothing I’ve really ever had before and I love it.

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