Radiant Raspberry Tea ~ Honest Teas

Image reproduced without permission. Image Copyright © 2015 Honesttea.com. All rights reserved.

The rising star of iced teas these days is Honest Teas. They’ve been steadily increasing

their output, number of flavors and breath of distribution for the past few years. I really enjoy Honest Teas, though I wish they would do more Greens, Whites, other non-Blacks. That being said, their Blacks are sourced from Tonganagaon Tea Estate in Assam. Quite impressive that. ;)

Radiant Raspberry Tea may not be the best tasting Raspberry Iced Tea you can come by, but it’s certainly the most healthy without completely tossing taste out of the equation. Radiant Raspberry Tea is advertised as being “just a tad sweet” and honestly (pun intended) i’d say that’s right on the mark. Radiant Raspberry Tea has a 1% juice content which definitely helps smooth out an otherwise crisp Black and Fruit iced tea. Caffeine content is 51mg/bottle (i really love when they tell you that), or about a 1/4th the caffeine in 16 oz of coffee (shouldn’t they be measuring it against 8 oz of coffee?). Radiant Raspberry’s actual tea flavor is a bit drowned out by its fruitiness. I can’t be sure, but my best guess is the tea is from a CTC.

As usual the first two ingredients are the same as most any other bottled iced tea, but that hardly detracts from how healthy Radiant Raspberry Tea is (Non-GMO and 70 calories per bottle is a far cry from what you’ll get from high fructose corn syrup-laced Arizona Iced teas). But actually, Radiant Raspberry Tea isn’t just healthy for the drinker: at least 85% Fair Trade certified ingredients and 1% For The Planet certified product in a fully and easily  recyclable glass bottle. The full list of ingredients includes: filtered water, Fair Trade certified organic cane sugar, organic raspberry juice from concentrate, Fair Trade certified organic Black tea leaves, organic Blackberry leaves (obviously grown domestically), natural flavor, vegetable juice (color), citric acid. I did pause at that natural flavor thing, but in this case i think that’s simply there to cover their butts.

Highly recommended. On a hot and humid day, it’s a little difficult to keep yourself from drinking the whole thing in one go.

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