Osmanthus Oolong ~ Goldfish

Goldfish Tea’s Osmanthus Oolong is one of the most interesting Oolong’s I’ve tried, though I’m not sure I would necessarily rank it among one of the best. The frank Ti Kuan Yin scent leads one to suspect a taste not forthcoming. The color and texture of the unbrewed tea might also lead one to just such a conclusion…

However, Osmanthus is not Ti Kuan Yin. The brewed tea unwinds into FULL tea leaves.  The taste contains a uniquely harsh but refreshing acidity. The texture of this tea though is mostly blown out by its antioxidants.  All-in-all, a very fun and original oolong. Goldfish categorizes it as a “Choice” Oolong, and for me that just doesn’t fit well. “Choice” in my mind indicates a higher quality (though not the highest), finer tea–for which this exotic construction doesn’t quite work.

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