Sparrow’s Tongue ~ Goldfish

Now that our weather feels a lot more like Autumn (though it’s still August) I thought it’d be the most auspicious time to switch gears and return to loose leaf tea.  There are some definitely Autumn-inspired teas out there (eg. pumpkin spice), but I think I’ll hold onto those for a month or two yet.  For the moment I thought I’d continue my examination of some of the goodies I unearthed from Royal Oak’s Goldfish Tea with a steampunk’d magical viewer gaze into the past.

Sparrow’s Tongue or “Tongue of Sparrow” if you prefer is a traditional Chinese green with a highly aromatic “dense oriental forest” scent. Easily high in antioxidants, Sparrow’s Tongue has a slightly stingy, oolong-like curled flavor. It’s highly drinkable and has surprisingly less caffeine than I would have suspected.

Since this tea was hitherto totally new to me, the following I shamelessly ripped off of Goldfish’s website:

From China’s Yellow Mountain region, this tea is aptly named for the appearance of its leaves after steeping… This tea is aptly named for the appearance of its leaves after steeping – the leaves separate from the bud, like a tiny bird’s beak with small protruding tongue. Steeping produces a clear, yellowish-green liquor. The flavor is slightly sweet and nutty, grassy and savory, with a smooth, thick, lingering aftertaste. From China’s Yellow Mountainregion.

Sparrow’s Tongue is definitely one of the undiscovered jewels of Chinese tea.

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