Pure Doctor ~ Live Soda Kombucha

I imagine some of you are probably wondering when I’m going to get off this kombucha binge and return to reviewing loose leaf tea.  The answer is… SOOON! But not today I’m afraid. The last kombucha review was so depressing i needed to write one that wouldn’t leave a bad taste in the mouth. Serendipitously, after one sip of Live Soda Kombucha‘s Pure Doctor I simply knew i must review it. I’ll try to be brief.

Before kombucha in the West we had ginger tea… but we also had something else… something… a little more bubbly.  Ginger Ale.  In my youth i scorned it as being less enticing than other soda flavors, but the best of those available to my knowledge was always Dr. Pepper (some may claim a Rock ‘N Rye supremacy but not i).  I don’t drink it much anymore since, yeah, high fructose corn syrup but it seems that Live Soda Kombucha has stumbled on a brilliant new twist to this old favorite. Pure Doctor is not simply a ginger ale, nay–it’s far more vibrant. Pure Doctor is a Dr. Pepper inspired ginger ale kombucha with a delicately balanced tea-to-soda ratio. Of course it has the raw organic probiotics of a kombucha with more live cultures than you can shake a stick at. But the ginger ale component makes for a thrillingly delicious bubbly brew. I won’t bother to include the ingredients here as, it turns out, they’re identical to the ones I transcribed for Revive Root Beer. *shrugs* The key must be found in those “Natural Flavors” don’tchaknow. That’s nobody’s business but the Austinians.  Highly recommended for being both health and delightful.

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