green tea ginger twist ~ argo tea

During the summer months I’d focused my blogging efforts on iced teas with the thought that it was too hot for hot tea anyway so i might as well review what i was drinking. Unfortunately, it seems like the Iced Tea Season is not actually limited to the Summer months in North America after all. So then i’m saddled with deciding whether or not to ignore all the awesome new iced teas i find during the rest of the year (since most people probably wouldn’t be drinking it during the 35 degree weather we have at the moment), or to just do one or less a week with the primary focus being on hot teas. Am I a little strange that i want to be drinking iced tea in the winter months? Yes probably, but I also frequently need to drink kombucha (or I’ve convinced myself that I do) anyway for my IBS, so like it or not i do. Plus, there are some Unity Vibration flavors you can’t get except in the cold season.

During this summer’s iced tea season you may remember I noted Argo’s Acqi Squeeze the Crown Prince of Iced Teas. So it’s little wonder than that I’ve continued to try their other flavors. Today I’m drinking Argo’s Green Tea Ginger Twist which is almost as excellent. It’s exactly like a hot ginger tea with lemon except that it’s iced, and by that i don’t mean it was brewed hot and then someone threw ice in it. It’s a well-brewed iced tea with antioxidants, actual lemon juice extract, vanilla and yes cane sugar. As you probably know by now I’m not the hugest fan of sugaring or honeying iced tea, but in this case the rest of the tea is so well brewed i can’t really fault that additive. Also, one tiny thing about Argo is the mouth of the bottle is quite a bit too large for tea, maybe even for water but it’s hardly noticeable. So 8/10? A definite recommendation.


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