Lychee Coconut

I had planned to devote this blog post to analyzing the pitfalls of the tea ball, but it looks like that’ll have to wait until the weekend. Things have been busier this week than I’d somehow imagined they would be.

Tea Forté‘s Lychee Coconut White is probably the best tea I’ve sampled from them to date (or at least the most unique). I can’t begin to guess what’s in it as the aroma is altogether new to me. It’s actually not at all unlike an earthy women’s perfume. Not being overly familiar with such things (ethynol-based products give me migraines), I can’t exactly place the scent (possibly rose?) but it probably work for older women on a church-going outing? At any rate, the tea itself is more lychee than coconut in taste and I have a feeling whichever ingredient Tea Forté has used to make it perfume-like also has the side effect of dulling the flavors. It’s very hard to tell Lychee Coconut is a White: it comes in greenish powdered form with a few large chunks of lychee. I’m not sure I’d necessarily recommend Lychee Coconut unless you’re interested in having a really different experience from most aromatic teas.

This sampler box is actually marketed as “Skin Smart Antioxidant amplifier teas”, to which I roll my eyes and applaud the ingenuity of those hardworking marketing firms. Though, truth be told I didn’t actually notice that fact the first time I reviewed a tea from this set.

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