Yerba Mate Latte

I’m over the moon happy because the weather outside is just plain unlivable. It’s like 18 F with a windchill of 11 below. Totes adores! xD

In celebration of hot tea weather, today I’m drinking an old standard of mine: Yerba Mate Latte from Frontier. It’s one of the most terrific teas I’ve ever had, not sure why I haven’t reviewed it on this blog before. It’s aroma is ridiculously tempting: like caramel ice cream smothered in honey. It’s one of the smoothest textured teas I’ve ever had that doesn’t have honey or some kind of creamer built in. With a slightly sweet taste, reminiscent of honeysuckle and wine, it’s hard to resist drinking it like water but you probably shouldn’t. The Yerba Mate in this case is quite powerful. For those unfamiliar with Yerba Mate, it has a similar effect to caffeine, leaving you in a state of happy euphoria. At least, it does for most people, which is why it’s often built into smoothies and other cocktails. For me it tends to give me a headache and halt the effectiveness of my antidepressants. In some cases Yerba Mate ends up severely pissing me off and leaving me angry at everything and subsequently pissing other people off. Not a drug to be trifled with. Thankfully I don’t think this is a common reaction.

Also, spent Yerba Mate Latte is probably the ugliest i’ve ever encountered. It basically looks like a pile of dead insects. Yay, enticing. ^^;;


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