Just one semester elapsed between the loss of Sushi.come and the opening of Sweet.ology. Ann Arbor cannot go without having an eatery with a fake domain name in its title. ;)

So Sweet.ology (Facebook page) is actually a renovation of one of my favorite on-campus hang outs, Momo Tea. Whereas Momo Tea did a superb job of enriching U of M with the spirit of Oriental Bubble Tea culture and Cute Culture, Sweet.ology’s focus seems to have shifted to Hong Kong desserts (and I couldn’t be happier). Mind you, most of the new items I can’t eat without putting myself out of commission, but it might be worth it in some cases. Sweet.ology has done a full-on make over, and if it weren’t for some of the signature dishes and drinks and the wait staff, I wouldn’t have recognized it.

… And the best part is, they’ve even added one or two new teas to the menu! I spied Oolong Latte and a couple house blended Iced Teas. Unfortunately, this time around I was trying to order off the take out menu (below) and i didn’t notice the extra items on the over-the-counter menu. So instead today I’m drinking Sweet.ology’s British Chocolate Milk Tea. In a word, it’s fabulous. Rich Dutch chocolate mixed well with a bubbly Milk Tea yields a terrific pick me up.

For the moment, they’re running a special: Buy one tea and get one free. Naturally, I’m too antisocial to have brought a friend, so instead I opted for an extra punch on my card. ;)

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