White Tangerine

Not too terribly long ago, I used to believe that White tea was my favorite variety. That was before I had really discovered any good Pu-erh or knew how to brew it. Even so, I am still a tremendous White tea fan. When people ask me what my favorite kind of tea is (and I think they probably have no idea what Pu-erh is) i tell them White tea. White tea is kind of terrific: it’s similar to Green in that it has antioxidants and grows in the same part of the world, but differs in that it has less caffeine (though many vendors will mix it with jasmine thereby negating this fact) and tends to be more floral in bouquet. In that they tend to be more delicate, White teas usually need to brewed at a lower temperature, around say 170-175 F, in order to best bring out their subtle features. I particularly enjoy Whites that have a woody texture or flavor.

White Tangerine is an organic White that I found at Kerrytown’s own Spice Merchants. Replete with the aroma of fresh tangerines and of a slightly lesser refined tea, White Tangerine has the texture of a White (grittier and leafier), with the taste of a duller Green mixed with generous amounts of, you guessed it, Tangerine. It’s highly drinkable, but I wouldn’t necessarily put it on my top ten.

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