Decaf Earl Grey

Since it’s hot tea season, I wanted to have at least one post that was dedicated to what most people probably think of as regular  “hot tea”. Naturally, since practically everyone has already had things liked bagged Lipton or Twinings *shivers*, there’s not much point in reviewing those. Instead, this post will be a review of Numi‘s Decaf Earl Grey (not currently available through their web site).

So why Decaf? Well, I’m exhausted from getting to sleep too late last night (curse you mahjong! …I did win two games though. xP) and don’t think I can really handle much caffeine today. Numi does have a paralleling aged caffeinated version for those interested, and although it is equally as good, it doesn’t have a great deal of variation in taste.

Why Numi? Numi is probably my favorite bagged tea. They’re committed to being Fair Trade certified, certified USDA organic as well as being a one of the 990 certified B Corporations in the world today. Aren’t familiar with a B Corporation? Neither was I. Here’s the Wikipedia blurb:

Also known as B Lab certification or B Corporation certification) is a private certification issued to for-profit companies by B Lab, a United States-based non-profit organization. To be granted and to preserve certification, companies must receive a minimum score on an online assessment for “social and environmental performance”, satisfy the requirement that the company integrate B Lab commitments to stakeholders into company governing documents, and pay an annual fee ranging from $500 to $25,000.

Aside from all that, they simply make really terrific tea every time and I’ve never had one I didn’t care for.

Brewed, Numi’s Decaf Earl Grey is probably the best smelling Earl Grey I’ve encountered to date. Mind you, Earl Grey generally isn’t my thing: a little bergamot goes a LONG ways (some tea companies will try putting it in everything they sell  ^^;;) and I’m more interested in more complex, textured and/or aromatic teas. That being said, Numi’s Earl Grey has a unique aroma that reminds me of a stormy Bombay. In taste, Decaf Earl Grey is a little more of what you’d expect: A full crisp Black with a bergamot aftertaste. The lack of texture and easily recognized flavor compliments most any meal, though in my mind maybe a little lackluster when drank by itself (sorry Captain Picard). I haven’t attempted it as of yet, but I get the feeling that Decaf Earl Grey would make a terrific Iced tea.

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