Organic Sweet Chamomile Citrus ~ China Mist

Whenever possible I avoid chamomile tea. It’s soothing and can be a real balm but I think i’m possibly allergic? I know my sinuses act up when i have chamomile and if i’m not mistaken it’s none too good for my IBS.  Also, chamomile is an herbal tea, and herbal teas take a long time to steep and then cool since they ought need to be brewed at a roiling boil, so i often avoid them. ^^;; The reason I mention the correct way to brew herbal tea is that some companies, like China Mist will offering brewing directions that I wouldn’t put too much faith in. In this case, China Mist states “steep in near boiling water for 3-5 minutes”, and that just sounds too vague to be very useful. At any rate, this week, however I am definitely in need of a balm, and this satchel was leftover from my Noodles & Company review of a couple weeks gone. To be fair, I had conveniently failed to put away the two extra satchels I’d brought home and it had laid in eyesight while I was packing my lunch this morning.

I had a previous good experience with China Mist‘s Leaves bagged hot tea when I reviewed their English Breakfast so I have decently high hopes for this one. Organic Sweet Chamomile Citrus has a lovely sweet, warm floral bouquet that smells as if it may be honeyed. However, the taste is somewhat different: spicy with a licorice finish. The texture is thinner than some herbals, with a milky sweet undertone. After a few sips i can feel the chamomile tickling my nose (not at all a bad sensation). After fiftten minutes I can feel pretty drowsy (also not necessarily a bad sensation). The satchel packaging tells us Chamomile Citrus is made up of: organic chamomile, organic licorice root, organic orange peel, organic spearmint, organic peppermint leaf and natural sweet orange flavor. Really I can’t pick out the orange over the mint, but orange juice doesn’t agree with me either so i rarely have it. It might just be that I’m coming down with a cold (according to Victoria Frankenstein emotional disturbance may result in decreased immune function), and if so I can definitely use the citrus.

On their site, China Mist goes out of their way to inform the reader that their teas are USDA organic, kosher and halal… but they don’t mention anything about fair trade. I’d recommend this tea if you can get past that part.

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